Canal Street

Here I am, walking on Canal Street in downtown New York. Out of nowhere I feel pulled into this whatshamacallitkindastore that sells everything made of plastic. Now here's this table with all these funny doohickies: some are cubes, others are cylinders, and others are other shapes. What would you do with them?
I become totally absorbed for I don't know how long, and a set takes on a life of its own; I'm just combining the pieces as if they're telling me what to do.

Now I need a board. Don't ask me where this idea comes from, but it comes. How about one of those rectangular ceiling lights? I can put it on a table and plug it into the electric outlet so I can turn it on and off.

And then, to distinguish the black boxes from the white ones, I get some black contact paper, cut it into squares, and paste them so that the corners touch one another.

Taaaaa DAAAAA!

Plastic set

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