Playing Cards

Do you play cards? What do you see when you look at your favorite cards?

I'm playing cards with Dad and it strikes me that the King and Queen are obvious candidates for yet another set.

Now comes the problem: do I make Jack the Bishop or the Knight? And if I make Jack one of them, what do I use for the other?

I decide to let Jack be the Knight because, for me, Jack's personality matches that of the Knight more closely.

Now I'm really stuck. What do I do for the Bishop? That's when my uncle Léon gives me a solution (You all know my French Oncle Léon -- he's the one who taught me how to play chess when I was nine years old and growing up in Paris.). He tells me that in France, a Bishop is considered the equivalent of a court Jester in the days that real Kings ruled the country. And so I asked my talented friend, Dan Nevins, to draw Jesters for the Bishops.

I decide to make Tens the Rooks, and you'll have to admit I come up with a really good idea when I realize that dice make excellent companions to the set as Pawns.

Now, if one side is for Hearts and Diamonds, you know the other side is made up of Spades and Clubs. Finishing the set is simply a matter of pasting the cards around wooden pegs.

Thank you, Dad.

Playing Cards set

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