Coke vs Pepsi

Have you noticed how many different containers cola comes in?

Here I am once more on a flight to Europe, and the flight attendant is serving refreshments. Hey, I've never seen these small Coca-Cola cans before. They're cute; they'd make great Pawns. Oh boy, another challenge, another chess set coming up!

Now, it's obvious that if one side is going to be Coke, the other side has to be ...that's right, Pepsi, of course.

Let me use bottles of Coke and Pepsi for the Bishops. Later I remember that in France, the cans are somewhat smaller than the ones in the United States. Those can be the Rooks. Great!

Now, what to do for the Kings? I need cans larger than the ones for traditional Coke and Pepsi since I want the King to be imposing. Hey, how about beer cans? That's it, beer cans! I'll wrap labels around them and I'll have the Kings.

What about the Queens? Of course. Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi.

So far, so good, but what about the Knights? Those were quite a challenge. Finally the Aha! solution comes to me as I walk past a store that displays trophies. And here I see the solution: I see this horse's ass on a trophy.

Take a look.

Coke vs Pepsi set

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