Salt shaker

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Look at a salt shaker. What do you see?

I look at a salt shaker on a table in a diner in Tuckahoe, et voila, I see a Queen.

I look at another salt shaker in the restaurant of a hotel in North Carolina, and I see a King.

I'm on a flight to Paris, and I notice the small salt and pepper shaker set on my lunch tray. Hmmmm, those would make great Pawns.

I pick out the Rook from an assortment of shakers displayed in the Galleria. I find the Knight in a kitchen supply store downtown.

Now I have the whole set designed ...well ...not quite. What do I do for the board? Judy comes up with the obvious. "Gene," she asks, "where do you usually see salt shakers?" Aha! Of course! On tablecloths. Not just any tablecloths, but red and white checkered tablecloths.

Bingo! A complete chess set. Is that good or is that good?

Salt & Pepper set

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